Bespoke Melamine In Your Home

So its late October, halloween in just around the corner (Yay!) and we are on the brink of winter. Some people have already started their Christmas shopping so why not get a good start on yours? And maybe find some Quality Melamine Products for your self!

Brilliantly Bespoke

Our brilliant bespoke melamine service is a great way to personalise gifts such as mugs, dinner trays or spoon rests with photographs or designs of your own for your loved ones. Our high quality prints are transferred on to heat resistant, highly durable and lightweight melamine products which are perfect for family homes. They are brilliant as children’s plates as they don’t smash like regular plates but also are lightweight so they cant hurt them selves.

We also offer this brilliant bespoke idea to our Trade Account customers, buying our collections in bulk with specific designs and/or your own logo. This opens up a huge opportunity for those on our account to get great offer and offer great products to their own customers. So where do you sign up? Right here > Trade Account. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity today!

Getting More

If you don’t have any ideas in mind that you would want printed, don’t worry we have you covered. This is the exact reason we sell a variety of designs by a rage of brilliant artists who are great at what they do. Interested in using our products for a fundraiser? Good idea!!! We offer a great range of products and ideas for you or your business to get your fundraising underway! For more information contact us at or call us on 02476 724 900.

Melamine Gifts

Brace yourselves guys because, regardless of which family in Westeros you are from, Winter is still coming. Thats right, its now getting to that time of year where you can no longer ignore the oncoming, unstoppable tide of….


We’re sorry to mention it but it was the tinsel covered elephant in the room, and come on guys someone needed to. But don’t worry we only mentioned it to make sure you are getting your selves ready and to offer you some helpful advice. In the next couple of months our offices will be turned in to shrines to Santa’s and our website will be transformed with themed banners and exclusive themed stock.

If this sounds interesting to you, here are a few designs we already have in that are Christmas themed and printed on our quality melamine products:

Happy Bespoke Christmas

How about going bespoke for Christmas 2017? We know, what a great idea, having bespoke melamine products made especially for your friends and family. Dinner trays with a fun family picture or a picture of your favourite pet printed straight on to the melamine tray, what a great fun way to mix up the boring repetitive Christmas cards, and we all know Nanna would love a coaster with your face on it. With Low minimum orders and a brilliant range of products you really can’t go wrong.


Christmas Trade

Interested in buying for trade and getting your winter stock ready? We offer a great range of designs and products for trade, so set up your trade account today and start on your journey with high quality melamine.

So if you are interested contact us to get your order in now before the Christmas rush, or if you would like some more details on how we can help you sort your Christmas early. Call us on 02476 724 900 or email us at