Calling all traders – Don’t miss out on your Melamaster trade account

As a retailer or trader, you have to keep a steady supply of excellent products that meet and delight the needs of your customers. You can do this with a Melamaster trade account. Sometimes it is hard keeping on top of this, especially knowing what your customers want when they want to buy and finding the right places to source these products so you can stock them in your stores, boutiques and museums.

What is a Melamaster trade account?

If you have a Melamaster trade account, this means that as a trader, can buy these products and sell them in your own store, boutiques and museums and so on.

So why would you benefit from having a Melamaster trade account? By registering for a Melamaster trade account, you are entitled to a lot including the full range plus much more. With over forty years, our team of professionals create beautiful designs handpicking the best looks and concepts so you don’t have to. You simply have to choose the products you want to stock in your store, boutiques or museums, place your orders and the rest is up to us.

How do you set up a Melamaster trade account?

There are two ways that you can set up your Melamaster trade account and we promise you; we’ve made it really easy. If you’ve fallen in love with some of our products (which is hard not too) but you want a little extra information about our products and services, we have a dedicated and passionate team on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have.

If your heart is 100% set on stocking our products, you can quicken up the process by setting up a Melamaster trade account here. You can become a Melamaster trade customer with these three simples steps below:

1. Complete the ‘Sign up as a trade customer’ here

 2. We will process your Melamaster trade account and contact you once it’s activated

3. SHOP SHOP SHOP. Once your account is activated, places your orders and start trading.

Don’t forget our bespoke Melamine products

You don’t have to be a Melamaster trade account customer to benefit from our wonderful products. Take a look at how our bespoke melamine products could get you started if you are an artist, designer or looking for some promotional products for your business or if you are fundraising. See what we offer and get started today.

Why should you stock bespoke Melamine homeware?

When it comes to choosing between the different types of homeware that are available, it is often hard to be sure you have chosen the right ones when kitting out your home. And on top of that, you also need to decide on the colours, patterns, sizes and shapes. Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Well, the good news is that at Melamaster, we have all of this thought out with our bespoke Melamine homeware; so you don’t have to.

If you’re a shop, museum or boutique that sells bespoke products and you find it difficult to decide what to stock on your shelves, setting yourself up as a trade customer could be the perfect solution for you.

If you’re wondering what melamine is, don’t worry; we’ve got that covered too. If you want to stock the most durable type of homeware then melamine homeware is the perfect choice for your shop, museum or boutique. Melamine homeware is stylish yet practical and is the perfect alternative for fine porcelain, ceramic and China.

More and more households are introducing melamine homeware into their homes and for good reason too. Why? Because not only are melamine homeware products fire and heat-resistant, easy to clean and durable, they still serve as an elegant and decorative addition to your home.

So why would it be good to stock our bespoke Melamine homeware products?

Melamine homeware is durable and break-resistant

Let us start with what melamine homeware is and why it is durable and break-resistant. Melamine is an organic-based compound which is used to manufacture the likes of cooking utensils, plates, bowls and general homeware. Melamine homeware is made of a white crystalline chemical and the melamine resin makes it very durable and shatterproof. Melamine homeware products also come in all shapes, sizes and colours making them the perfect addition to your shop for people to purchase.

Melamine homeware looks and feels like fine porcelain and ceramic

Having melamine homeware products means you do not have to compromise on style, design and price. Melamine homeware products are all polished and elegantly refined to give a high-gloss finish; mirroring that of a porcelain look.

Melamine homeware is perfect for indoor & outdoor entertaining

Due to the durability and diversity of melamine homeware, you will not be limited to using your products solely indoor. Your customers can host any parties, BBQ’s, alfresco dining and much more without having to worry about any chips or breakages.

Melamine homeware is easy to clean and dishwasher safe

The last thing any homeowner wants to worry about when buying melamine homeware is how to keep it looking new and pristine; especially when you’re using your melamine homeware products indoor and outdoor. Melamine is a non-porous material; that means it won’t soak up any liquids or unwanted stains. The best thing about melamine homeware is that you can stick it in the dishwasher; making dining and entertaining easy.

Melamine homeware is stylish yet affordable

With the variations of styles, designs and patterns on offer with melamine homeware, you can get pretty much anything you want without having to compromise on the price. No other type of homeware will offer the sophistication and practicality than melamine homeware so be sure to get your hands on some now to kit out your home.

If you’re interested in stocking your own bespoke melamine homeware, we can provide you with all of the information you need. If you want to meet with a member of the team first to discuss our products and services, contact us today.