We’re Emotionally Attached to Our Melamine Mugs

Why do personalised or bespoke mugs mean so much?

We were in the office and the dreaded moment of opening the cupboard and not being able to find your favourite mug happened. Now, you probably don’t need a survey to tell you that many of us become quite emotionally attached to our favourite mugs. After a little digging, we came across this survey that Heinz conducted a couple of years ago – the theory still applies now. Nearly 60% of people said they had an emotional attachment to a favourite mug and around 40% said their mug was irreplaceable. So that begged the question, what is it about our melamine mugs that makes us so attached to them?

Having a special mug on the shelf comes from sharing an association with it and we’ve decided to dig a little further into the background and psychological appeal of our melamine mugs.

M33 Horses Bone China Mug

‘Hey, that’s mine’

A sense of ownership of your melamine mugs is one of the biggest aspects when forming an attachment. Studies show that if you own a mug, you’re more likely to ascribe greater value to it. If you’ve ever accidentally grabbed someone else’s favourite – you’ll be guaranteed to warrant a reaction along the lines of ‘Hey, that’s my mug’. If you’ve not done it before – try it out and let us know, if you’re brave enough.

M33 Fine Bone China Mug Orange Tile

It Reminds Me of the Time…

If you’re gifted melamine mugs, or you print a custom design or sentimental picture, we’re more likely to become obsessed because we often associate them with a special person, place, or time. The emotions the mug evokes can be potent, even if you aren’t aware of the source. It is known that shades of colour can evoke feelings associated with seasons and/or occasions.

M33 Golf Bone China Mug

Your Mug Really Understands You

If you have a mug that is embellished with slogans, quotes or logos, then automatically, they can end up meaning more to you as they convey a personal or meaningful message. If you’re going down the root of pictures of loved ones, then you’re bound to fall into the 40% of people who claim their mugs to be irreplaceable – and that’s before we’ve even touched the topic of pets. Bespoke Melamine for the win.

Birds of Britain Bone China Mug (M33)

Warm Melamine Mugs, Warm Heart

Believe it or not, but when we fill our melamine mugs up with hot drinks, research shows that wrapping your hands around a warm mug can evoke warm feelings, especially towards others. This, alongside the enticing flavours of your drink, you’re onto a winner. Caffeinated coffee and tea (and sometimes even decaf, through the power of expectation) can boost alertness.  This means your consciously more aware of what is happening when you drink warm drinks – but if we’re honest, we’re loving it too much to care.

M33 Fine Bone China Mug Sheep

It’s routine

Sipping a hot beverage from a trusty mug is often part of a cosy, comforting routine almost as if our melamine mugs become these helpful, quiet, loyal sidekicks. That first sip of your hot beverage in the morning is enough to set the tone for the rest of your day. With our melamine mugs, you get to experience all of the above with one custom print or design. Interested in becoming attached to your mugs as we are? Call us for a chat.

The need to knows about Melamine Dinnerware UK

Melamine Dinnerware UK wouldn’t be as popular as it is if it wasn’t for its core, Melamine! Now, as obvious as it seems, we know the clue is in the title, but at the core of everything we are and do is Melamine.

We’ve dived into answering a few of the most commonly asked questions of Melamine Dinnerware UK and we thought we’d dive a little deeper into the world of Melamine. If you’re mesmerized by the versatility of this material as much as we are, you may be even more shocked when you’re made aware of how popular it really is.

Where is Melamine Dinnerware UK used?

Due to its durability, lightweight construction and adaptability, melamine is a popular option for a variety of settings, especially commercially and socially. When it comes to catering, melamine is one of the go-to choices. However, catering isn’t always an industry thing. Dining halls, assisted living communities and kitchens and homes are often found stocked up with elegant and stylish melamine dinnerware UK.

The reason why this material is so popular is that you can have the option for an upscale feel that looks like handcrafted ceramic with a more sophisticated and refined look. This material is more than a fashionable necessity. The low risk of breakage or chips makes melamine an ideal choice for restaurants and kitchens, especially for its ability to be used outdoors or in high-volume settings.

Is Melamine expensive?

This is one of those ‘how long is a piece of string’ question. You will always find a different pricing range for a number of products in the Melamine Dinnerware UK range. However, Melamine as a whole is very affordable and can, in fact, save you money over time and in the short-run. You won’t have to spend money replacing or replenishing your stock or dinnerware levels as you would with chinaware and other ceramic dishes. The reason for this is because whilst chinaware and other similar products are prone to shattering, Melamine is not; it stands up better to use, ware and abuse over time.

Can Melamine be recycled?

With more and more consumers becoming more conscious about global issues, we felt it was best to discuss the recyclability of melamine. Melamine dinnerware UK can not be melted for recycling like other plastics that fall into the classes #1-6 of Plastic Resin Codes.

However, we do have some good news. Melamine can be ground down and uses as a filler for other materials such as plastics or wood composites. So when and if you need to dispose of your melamine, you can speak to your local recycling centre for more details on how to do so, safely and environmentally friendly.

How to best clean Melamine?

We’re going to give you a rough guideline of how to best care for your Melamine Dinnerware UK products. By no means is the following information an extensive and detailed guide, but by trying the following simple guidelines, you can most definitely extend the life of your melamine products.

When you are washing your melamine products and keeping them clean, be sure to soak them in a high-quality presoak detergent if you need to soak your products before putting them in the dishwasher. You want to choose the best cleaning agents for your dishes and we would advise against using harsh abrasive cleaners like steel wool or metal scouring pages. Anything that can scratch your dishes should be avoided and be cautious when using knives too as serrated knives could scratch easily.

Melamine dinnerware UK products shouldn’t be placed in conventional or microwave ovens and do not use chlorine bleach at any time. If you want an alternative solution for tougher stains, warm water and dishwashing soap is always handy, but the use of white wine vinegar mixed in with a cup of warm water can help do the trick.

If you need more questions answering, we’re always on hand so feel free to give us a call.