About Us

Coleshill Plastics Limited have specialised in Thermoset moulding since the early 1940's initially producing Bakelite components specifically for radar equipment.

This was followed by a range of technical products for several industries, domestic appliance and automotive being just two. This continued through to the mid-’60s where the company took on production and developed the in-mould foiling process in promotional ashtrays for both the brewery and tobacco industries.

In the late 70’s the opportunity arose to become involved in developing and marketing ranges of decorative giftware and tableware which we set up under the Melamaster brand name and in 2010 the company acquired the decorative melamine laminating capability of Watchet products to enhance our product range.

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Headed up by Martin Pilley, Managing Director and Owner, the company has gone from strength to strength developing the Company’s technical skills building UK based production servicing numerous bespoke customers worldwide. Coleshill prides its self in strong design, working with both established and new creative artist and product developers, innovating new products from its British manufacturing base.

Coleshill Plastics has continued to develop Melamaster as a leading UK homeware brand whilst growing bespoke manufacturing for many other high street names. Melamaster prides itself on the superiority of our products, friendliness of the staff and professional level of service.

about coleshill design