Artist Of The Month April

Welcome back to Artist Of The Month, this month we celebrate one of the most avid watercolourists. She has honoured us with a few patterned and prints over the years but her current pattern is truly beautiful.

April’s Artist Of The Month Is…..





Congratulations Janine Drayson, we absolutely love your designs and are so happy you are part of the Melamaster family!

As Janine takes inspirations from her surroundings in Dorset, we can get a sneak peek into her world by taking in the scenes she creates with watercolour. She truly is a great artist and we have to say we are jealous of her surroundings. Janine hopes that with watercolour she can create a lighthearted and calm scene that is a true to life depiction of her little country home. We are proud to call her a melamaster artist and are so glad she is with us!

We have one design by Janine but we are so happy we have it. Her country cottage scene really brings colour and life to our collection mixed with nature and beautiful pen and watercolours it truly is worth having. For more information about placing an order of seeing more of our melamine UK products, please check out our products or alternatively get in touch with us via email at or call us on  02476 724 900.