Artist Of The Month: July

With July almost over (with the nice weather…) and the summer holidays approaching we thought it best to drop a brand new artist of the month blog post.

We are sure you will agree with us that the new artist of the month has really created a summer chill vibe perfectly in her designs for our melamine tableware. With patterns that reflect country life and cottage scenes, how can you not love the perfect combination of watercolour and

Emma Ball

Emma’s brilliant animal-centred watercolour designs are playful and vibrant, and they bring life to any home that has them. Emma grew up in Nottinghamshire, which she uses to her advantage as its the perfect distance from anywhere she could want to be in the UK, especially the British coastline. With a degree in graphic design and art foundation Emma was told to drop watercolours, but we are glad you persevered Emma We love your designs!

To see more from Emma Ball’s collection with Melamaster the home of melamine UK have a browse through online, and who knows it might even take your fancy all the way to the checkout. For more information from melamaster about any of our products or about our bespoke melamine service call us on 02476 724 900 or email us at We can’t wait to hear from you.