Artist Of The Month: June

We can’t believe its June already! We feel we have only just cleared up from the new year and the year is halfway through, but fear not this month’s instalment of our brilliant artist of the month is here!!

June’s Artist of the Month goes to…

Shyama Ruffell

We are so proud of all of our artists and when one them stands out to us we like to congratulate them. We love your designs so much, and we want everyone else to see them and love them too.

Shyama has been working with Melamaster, the home of melamine UK, for some time now and we think she deserves the recognition. Whilst growing up in a family full of artist Shyama first exhibited her work at the young age of 7. From there, her love for it grew and grew and became the well-known artist and designer she is today. Having been influenced by her home in the south downs her art really takes on the feel and vibrancy of nature.

Have a look below at some of these wonderful and colourful designs:

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