Design Your Own Table Mats

We have a huge range of designs all crafted and created by professional artists and our Melamaster artists too ( yes we have our own designs!!). From abstract floral patterns to cottage scenery and bright punchy colour patterns we have it all. But did you know we can print bespoke on a great selection of templates?

Bespoke Dinner Trays

You may have found a really nice high-quality design, printed on the best quality melamine, but does it really match up to that photo you can’t help but smile at every time you stumble across it? Well, now you can have that perfect photo printed on a variety of items, like our table mats or dinner trays. That’s right, you can design your own Table mat or choose from a selection of other templates. It doesn’t have to be a photograph it could be your own design or your company logo on a table mat and they can all be printed on the best quality bespoke melamine by the home of melamine UK.

Bespoke Melamine is the perfect gift for family and friends so why not gift melamine for birthdays and Christmas? Get your hands on high quality and top designs today and receive a small gift with every purchase.

Our full ranges are available to scroll through online right now and are updated regularly so be sure to check back to find new designs and new templates for your bespoke design and gifts. To find out more or to enquire contact us on 02476 724 900 or email us at