3 valuable skills of fundraising projects with melamine plate printing

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We’ve got a saying at Melamaster and that is ‘If we can print it, we can plate it’. It’s no secret that our Picture Plates are a great success when it comes to fundraising projects with melamine plate printing but it’s so much more than just receiving a painted plate.

Today, we’re going to look into the world of fundraising projects with melamine plate printing and how valuable they can be, especially when it comes to schools and how to get children to interact and fully integrate themselves into the projects they are tasked with.

How our fundraising projects work

Before we dive into that, we’ll take a step back and tell you how our fundraising projects with melamine plate printing work. Here at Melamaster, we love when we see designs and concepts come to life. Whether you’re in a school, holding a charity event or want to raise some money for a special cause, our products are the perfect choice for you.

Each child is given their own paper template so they can get creative in whichever way they want. They can design their own plates and can customise them with almost everything. Personalisation can come in the form of school logos, mottos and names, project titles and the list goes on – the options are endless. This is especially good if you’re counting down to a special time of year or a themed project such as the end of term or Christmas.

Once their designs have been agreed upon (We can appreciate it’s a big deal for aspiring artists), you can make the most of our melamine plate printing and get their custom designs printed to keep for life. It’s no secret we’re big fans of Melamine, so much so, we’ve gone as far as answering all of your melamine questions in detail so you don’t have to worry about what products you’re receiving.


How valuable is fundraising

It’s easy to solely pay attention to how fundraising projects will be conducted and around the type of products on offer, but another important factor that is often overlooked is the positive effect it has on the children who take part,

1) Communication skills – When you fundraise, especially with melamine plate printing, children will naturally be inquisitive and this will open up the opportunity for communication. Kids are going to be excited by their designs and they’re definitely going to want to see what others around them are designing, so encouraging the conversations and creations is very beneficial for them.

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2) Goal Setting – When you give them a fundraising project, children are given deadlines and a set period of time to complete their design in. Having specific timeframes to work against is part of every adult’s life so engaging children in fundraising activities gives them the opportunity to learn the importance of reaching goals and experience what it means to meet deadlines.

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3) Team building – When children participate in fundraising projects, the opportunity to get involved with melamine plate printing allows them to become part of a team. They learn to pull for one another as they work side by side and get the opportunity to see what everyone else is doing around them.
Fundraising projects can bring children together in a way that not many other activities can. They meet and work with children they may not have gotten to know otherwise and there’s nothing like the sense of togetherness that comes from working toward a common goal.

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Sounds pretty cool right? Contact us for more information on how to get started today.