Melamaster’s Resolutions

Happy 2018!!!!

We have all made resolutions before where we pledge to eat healthily or join the gym and some of us even take it a step further and buy healthy food or sign up to the gym but for a lot of us, it just doesn’t work out (and we are okay with that).

Here at Melamaster, we pledge that whatever your resolution is and no matter how much you stick to it, we have one resolution that will never change:

High Resolution!

All of our high-quality melamine products are printed with the highest resolution from artist design to your own imagery. That’s right we only print the best quality possible, even when it comes to our brilliant bespoke melamine service! This is because we think you guys deserve the best and because we have been providing the UK with quality melamine products for over 40 years and you can only keep a business going when your are reliably high quality and put customers first!

We think its important that no matter how many your order is for 1 or 1000 high quality is essential! So although for us nothing will change we want you to feel comfortable that 2018 is a perfect year to get your melamine products!

For more information about our products and orders, or if you just want to know where we will be showcasing this year you can contact us on 02476 724 900 or email us at Alternatively, you can find out more by following us on Facebook and Twitter.