Melamine Dinner Trays

Sometimes we focus a little too much on our brilliant artists, don’t get us wrong they are amazing, but melamine products, like our brilliant melamine dinner trays, are in competition to be the real hero. Here is a rundown of what sort of melamine products we have here at melamaster and how they can transform your home.

Melamine Dinner Trays

First of is the simple yet noble melamine Dinner tray. Not only is it a great way to carry food, drinks and even jigsaw puzzles, but this brilliant products is heat resilient and is a fantastic way to eat your dinner in comfort where ever you are. Perfect for camping, like a lot of our products are, melamine Dinner trays are a household essential.



Melamaster Mugs

The second one we are here to mention is the humble mug, no we aren’t talking about our silly faces we mean the honourary holder of hot drinks. Our melamaster mugs come in a huge array of designs but do you know what their best feature is? They are rather strong meaning if you happen to get a little too excited about the summer sun and accidentally drop your marvellous melamaster mug then it has a high chance of being A-Okay! All of our mugs are perfect for the home with their pretty designs or the office ( as long as they are full of tea or coffee to keep you working).



Melamaster Coaster

The perfect accompaniment to all hot drinks and high-quality mugs are the underrated but not underappreciated, Melamaster Coasters. Get your hand on these, spill resistant, high-quality melamine UK products coasters while they’re hot, well not hot but you know what we mean. Our products are of course printed on to the highest quality melamine. Find out what other design we have by having a look through our artists’ design online.



Get in touch today to find out more about our bespoke melamine service or even see how we can help with fundraising projects we can’t wait to hear from you, you can contact us on 02476 724 900 or email us at