Melamine kitchenware trends

Melamine kitchenware aerial view of table. Patterned plates on table with title text.

There’s not much that beats gathering around the table with your nearest and dearest to celebrate and make memories that last a lifetime. The dinnertime sit-down is a daily ritual that is an integral part of everyday life. Whether you’re entertaining guests or simply catching up with your family at the end of a long day, your kitchenware should reflect your personality, style and taste. Staying on top of the latest trends can be difficult when it comes to your kitchenware. What better way is there to express your style than with your very own personalised melamine kitchenware from Melamaster? If you’re tired of eating off the same old tired and dated crockery, these kitchenware trends will help inspire you to create your very own bespoke melamine kitchenware that will revitalise meal times.

Melamine kitchenware. pile of plates in grey and blue

What is melamine kitchenware?

Before we get stuck into the latest trends in dinnerware designs, it’s time to learn a little bit more about melamine kitchenware. Melamine is an organic-based compound designed to be a hardwearing alternative to ceramic or porcelain products. Melamine kitchenware is highly shatter-resistant, making it perfect for those busy, hustle and bustle dinnertimes that often come hand in hand with family life.

Despite its long-lasting properties, melamine kitchenware is extremely lightweight, making it easier to carry when you’re hosting dinner guests or if you have a big family meal to cater for. Melamine kitchenware is also dishwasher safe and extremely easy to care for, making it much easier to clean up after a big dinner – because let’s face it, nobody likes washing up. It’s that simple, just take a look at our handy guide to see how easy it is to care for your melamine kitchenware.

You may think that the porcelain-alternative product with such a focus on durability would have to compromise in other areas, such as its appearance and design, this is not the case. Melamine kitchenware is virtually indistinguishable from its porcelain equivalent. You can enhance the appearance of your tableware, even more, when you create bespoke melamine kitchenware with Melamaster.

melamine kitchenware grey plate and cutlery

Marble effect kitchenware

The marble trend has been everywhere this year. From kitchen worktops to furniture and phone cases, marble accessories are in. Marble designs will give your dinnerware a luxurious, modern look. Marble dinnerware can be a pretty expensive investment, not to mention heavy and easily scratched or chipped. Faux marble patterns are a great way to add a touch of glamour to your dinnerware without the hefty price tag.

At Melamaster, our melamine kitchenware is completely customisable. Simply find the marble design that’s perfect for you and we’ll do the rest. We’re committed to providing the highest quality print melamine kitchenware for all of our customers and will communicate with you throughout the whole process. We can even provide studio design support if you need help with your design. Your marble melamine kitchenware will have your dinner table looking Instagram-ready in no time, perfect for anyone striving to be the host with the most at dinner parties.

melamine kitchenware pattered bowl

Perfect patterns

Patterned kitchenware can set the mood for any dinner occasion and patterns are a great way to add a talking point and brighten up your interior style. If you’re bored of the same old whitewash dinnerware then why not revitalise your dinner table with some patterned plates and accessories? This is ideal if you want your style and dinnerware to stand out from the crowd as a real showcase of your personality. Whether you choose delicate florals, retro polka dots or smooth stripes, your bespoke melamine kitchenware is sure to make a statement.

Reflecting your interior style is easy when you choose to create bespoke melamine kitchenware with Melamaster. Our wide range of products on offer means you can transform your home, creating a seamless theme between your melamine kitchenware and accessories. You might want to add even more drama to your dinner table with matching placemats or disperse the design around your home with melamine printed coasters.

Melamine kitchenware red plate and cutlery

Add colour with melamine kitchenware

Gone are the days of plain white crockery when it comes to dinnerware trends. Homeware stores everywhere are stocking up on colourful crockery to catch the eye of trend-setting shoppers. Pastel hues are a great way to subtly add colour into your home. You might opt for a millennial pink to match the soft furnishings in your home or even a striking black to make a statement. Black dinnerware is on the rise. It can make dishes stand out and will look great with copper or gold finish cutlery.

When you create bespoke melamine kitchenware with Melamaster, you’re investing in quality British-made products that are available to be shipped internationally. So, you can have bespoke colourful crockery, wherever you are. We can send out a sample of your chosen design, meaning you can approve and amend your colour choice once you have seen it in person. 95% of our customers approve their design sample the first time, we’re committed to providing high-quality products that meet customer needs.

If you’re inspired to break away from your traditional white ceramic crockery and want to try something new, then contact us today to find out about our range of melamine kitchenware on offer.