Make dinnertime special with melamine placemats

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There’s never a better time to refresh your dinnerware than at the start of a new year. The chaos of Christmas is over and it’s time for a fresh start. Over the festive period, your placemats may have suffered a little wear and tear with countless dinner parties and buffets to cope with. You might even have some festive themed placemats that simply aren’t suitable for all-year-round use. It’s time for “out with the old and in with the new”, because who says that special, high-quality placemats are reserved for Christmas and special occasions? At Melamaster, we provide melamine placemats in a range of designs as well as bespoke products. Our melamine placemats are sure to refresh your dinnertime for the new year and give it that finishing touch to make every mealtime feel special.

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Get creative with bespoke melamine placemats

All too often, you may find yourself buying the same old plain, generic placemats that everyone you know owns. Every mealtime creates a special moment between friends and families where not only food is shared, but also where memories are made. Creating your very own bespoke placemats will help inject that little extra special something into mealtimes. At Melamaster, we love receiving new unique designs and transforming them into melamine placemats that we know will be used and treasured for years to come. There are no limits when it comes to creating your own personalised melamine placemats. You could use a photograph of a favourite place or memory, or get creative and make your own piece of art to display in your home’s dinnerware. If interior design is your thing, you could create melamine placemats that perfectly match your home’s wallpaper or colour scheme. If you want unique dinnerware but struggle to find any that delivers just what you’re looking for, then going bespoke with melamine designs is the answer you’ve been looking for. At Melamaster, we’re committed to providing quality melamine products with every order, no matter what size it is. We print in high resolution to ensure for detailed quality. Setting your dinner table in style has never been so easy than with Melamaster.

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Quality that lasts

Replacing your dinnerware in the new year is a great way to freshen it up and revitalise mealtimes. But if your new year’s resolution is to be more conscious when it comes to waste, you could be reluctant to replace your dinnerware, no matter how worn-out it is. When you invest in melamine placemats, you can be sure that you have a quality product that is practical and built to last. Melamine is created from an organic compound, designed to be a shatter-resistant alternative to porcelain. These strengthening properties mean that when you invest in melamine placemats, you’re getting a product that is built to last. Gone are the days of putting up with poor quality products that create more waste. Melamine is the perfect material for placemats due to its ability to cope with high temperatures. Placing hot plates and dishes on your melamine placemats won’t warp or damage the design, meaning you can keep your dinner setting looking pristine no matter what the occasion. Melamine placemats are also extremely easy to care for, simply wash in soapy water or wipe down with a cloth and you’re ready for your next mealtime. Be sure to avoid abrasive cleaning products including harsh chemicals or scourers when cleaning your melamine placemats as this could cause damage to them.

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Melamine placemats for any occasion

One of the great things about melamine placemats is their versatility. You can use them for any occasion, from dinner parties at home to business and catering events. If you’re an aspiring artist or have a business to promote, bespoke melamine placemats could be the perfect way to uniquely showcase your work and make money while you do it. At Melamaster, we specialise in fundraising projects and work with schools all over the country to make money for a good cause, and get creative with melamine on the way. Melamine placemats and dinnerware are also great for gifting, especially when you create a bespoke design with Melamaster. You could create a design that commemorates a special time or place and give to your nearest and dearest as a truly unique and thoughtful gift.

At Melamaster, we don’t just specialise in melamine placemats, we have a range of melamine products for every occasion. Contact us today to find out more.