Melamine Printing

If you are a business or individual that wants to promote your product or service offering, then would you turn to branded giveaways and merchandise? The answer is, you should be. With Melamine printing, you can expose your brand with that added touch of personalisation and elegance.

You’re probably asking yourself, do these promotional products still have an impact? Even though we live in a digital world and most businesses or individuals marketing efforts are focused online, those who have abandoned the traditional practise of using such gifts are missing out.

With melamine printing, this means that your branded giveaways and promotional products can be simple yet effective methods of personalisation and increasing brand awareness. By promoting your business, services and product offerings with melamine printing, they get a little souvenir that reminds them of you. There is no better way of doing this with a gift that is different from the usual traditional gifts.

Why choose melamine printing for your promotional products?

The difference between choosing a promotional product with Melamaster in comparison to other products is down to the effectiveness of what we can offer. Studies show that most customers keep promotional products for an average of up to 8 months, and depending on what you give them, up to 14 months. With our bespoke melamine printing, you have a vast selection of what you can customise and this means your promotional items will be kept longer.

The majority of people who get to walk away with one of your promotional products are also more likely to have a favourable association with your company; especially effective in brand recognition and simply putting a smile on their faces.

Tangible promotional products

As digital trends occur, customers have learned to ignored most forms of advertising. However, by giving them melamine printed promotional products, they are receiving a unique experience of walking away with a physical item and more importantly, actually use.

Like many of us, we love a free gift or freebie, but that’s only if they’re good. You can have a bespoke printed promotional product and it is something that your receiver can actually use. What more could you ask for? However, it is much more than just a free gift. With Melamine printing, you are telling your customers that you care and by this little act of saying that you care, you’re customers are more likely to remember who you are. This is something that Melamaster can appreciate and pride themselves on.


We are absolutely committed to delivering excellent print quality for every single project that you trust us to produce. We offer so much more than this. If you are an artist or designer looking to expand or simply want to build awareness for your new product range, check out how we can help you. The possibilities are endless.