Melamine tableware: the perfect personalised gift

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Christmas is getting closer and one thing that many gift-givers all around the world will be wrapping up for their loved ones is personalised gifts. Personalised gifts are the perfect present to show someone you care, especially when generic bath sets and socks are so overdone at Christmas. Simply by adding someone’s name, a special date or an image to gifts shows your loved ones you’ve gone the extra mile. At Melamaster, we specialise in personalised melamine tableware, so this Christmas why not gift someone a unique and personalised tray, plate or mug that will remind them of you for years to come.

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What makes personalised gifts so special?

Personalised gifts have become a huge part of today’s retail world, flourishing especially in the e-commerce market. Shoppers everywhere have access to personalised gifts at the touch of a button. With Melamaster, you can make bespoke melamine kitchenware enquiries through our website or by telephone.

So, what makes personalised gifts so special? Personalised gifts create a connection between those giving the gift as well as the person receiving it. These gifts give people a memento of their relationship. Personalised gifts also let people know that you’re thinking of them, showing that you have gone the extra mile to create something that is personal to them. Bespoke melamine kitchenware is the perfect gift for the passionate cook, baker or home-maker in your life. Perfect for any occasion, you can never run out of ideas when it comes to personalised gifts. From birthdays and Christmas, to weddings and anniversaries, personalised gifts can help you commemorate any occasion.

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Useful melamine tableware gifts

Everyone wants to buy the people closest to them in life gifts that they will actually use. All too often we find ourselves opening presents for them to be given to charity, or left at the bottom of a drawer somewhere, gathering dust until they are eventually completely forgotten about. When you’re buying gifts for someone close to you, buying something they will enjoy using and will mean something to them is essential. At Melamaster, we specialise in a wide range of melamine tableware that can be used every day. From bespoke table mats to coasters, mugs, trays and chopping boards, there really is something for everyone. You can even get a bespoke teabag tidy with a matching mug and coaster for the avid tea drinker in your life.

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Memories and gifts that last

So many gifts can become outdated or simply run out over time. Personalised gifts give a sense of longevity, not only in their appearance but in the memories that they represent. Commemorating a time, place or special moment in the form of a personalised gift makes sure the recipient has something to remind them of it forever. Gifts that represent these memories also have increased value not in price, but in what they mean to them. With Melamaster, you can create personalised melamine tableware that will last just as long as the memories it represents. Melamine is made from an organic-based compound and is designed to be durable and shatter-resistant. So, there’s no need to worry about your personalised melamine gifts getting broken easily. Melamine tableware is also highly resistant to acids, alkali and many food stains.

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Personalised melamine tableware gifting ideas

If you’re still struggling to think of personalised gifts for those closest to you, these bespoke melamine kitchenware ideas will help you show your friends, family and loved ones how much you care:

Photo finish coasters: Coasters are the perfect useful gift for a loved one, dotted around most homes protecting surfaces from hot drinks. Coasters are the perfect size and shape to personalise with a photo. With Melamaster, you can personalise anything from our range of melamine tableware with photos. Photos of your favourite memories such as holiday destinations, people or even your pet will create the perfect memento.

Printed mugs: You can never have too many mugs, especially if they’re personalised. Why not treat someone to a mug with their name on, the perfect gift for a tea or coffee drinker who’s protective over their mugs. At Melamaster, we’re committed to producing personalised melamine tableware that is printed to a high standard, meaning your gift will look great no matter what design, font size or style you go for.

Personalised chopping boards: If you know someone who loves cooking, why not get them a personalised chopping board that will remind them of you every time they do what they love. Chopping boards are a great, multi-purpose gift that can be used for food preparation, displaying or serving. Why not mark a special occasion on the gift by incorporating a special date into the design? This could be an ideal gift for a couple for their wedding anniversary, displaying the date of their special day.

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With Melamaster, personalised gifts can be made simple. Our wide range of melamine tableware is bespoke, allowing you to give unique and special gifts to those closest to you. Contact us today to find out more about bespoke melamine.