Melamaster Mugs.

What a mug! No not you, we are talking about the brilliant range of high-quality heat resistant melamine mugs. And now that the cold weather is official moving in (because it was so warm before now?) we can start thinking of how to put a great warm smile on your faces at home!

Sit back, relax and put the kettle on! We want to make sure you are comfortable through the winter. That is why we want to show you our great range of quality melamine products and mugs. Melamine has so many great qualities so let’s just have a run through of the top two:

1. Heat resilient.

Our mugs hold heat, this great feature works for when you get home from work or being out in the cold and the heating hasn’t been on. A nice warm cuppa helps bring the feeling back to your fingers and nose and our mugs even hold heat after the drink is finished.

2. Durability.

The cold gets to all of us but the worst part is losing the feeling in your fingers and accidentally dropping the warm coffee (or tea we aren’t bias) because you couldn’t get a good grip. Worry no more our melamine is highly durable and is resistant to drops, bangs and clashes so you will have no fear of breaking your favorite mug (we all have one) you just have to refill it and warm up!

These are the top two features of melamine, and now for the top features of our mugs:

Our mugs are brilliant, why we hear you ask? Because our mugs are printed to the highest quality. We work closely with artists to bring you brand new and classic designs and patterns from seasonal to festive, ranging with something for everyone. We also have the brilliant gift idea and opportunity for you to print your own personalised designs, logos or even photos using our bespoke melamine printing service! Gift your face on a personalised mug this Christmas and remind everyone what the holidays are about… Family and Friends!



For more information about our products or services you can get in contact with us on 02476 724 900 or email us at, we can’t wait to hear from you and deliver you your great bespoke mugs!