Kitchen Measurements Kitchen Board (M41713)


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Our ever popular and classic large kitchen is a useful and statement piece for any kitchen ! Our new Kitchen Measurement Chart design is also new for 2018

Useful and beautiful who wouldn’t appreciate this design in their kitchen?

Compliments our Time for Baking range perfectly

Large enough to display our beautiful designs that you want it out of the cupboard and propped up on the side.

Great for baking, prepping, serving – we use ours for family & friends help yourself sharing meals!

Not just for Kitchen use also really great for play boards for the kids to do their drawing, moulding, and building brick playing on! What will you use yours for?

Strong and highly durable, using a production process which utilises melamine compounds. A melamine resin on the surface provides resistance to stains and temperatures of up to 95 degrees Celsius making them dishwasher safe. Depending on the design and colours you might see some small dark lines in the corners of the tray which is entirely down to the manufacturing process.

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Dimensions 290 × 390 cm