Seashore Little Tray (M19707)


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The M19 Tray is such a great little tray, just right size for two mugs and a sprinkle of sharing snacks or one mugs and lots of non-sharing snacks (healthy ones of course!)
Great for children’s lunches also, fits a sandwich, a fruit, a box drink and a little treat just right !

Seashore Design from Vicky Yorke’s Jewel of the Sea collection is another design capturing the essence of the seaside and beach, do you want to dip your toes in!

Strong and highly durable, using a production process which utilises melamine compounds. A melamine resin on the surface provides resistance to stains and temperatures of up to 95 degrees Celsius making them dishwasher safe. Depending on the design and colours you might see some small dark lines in the corners of the tray which is entirely down to the manufacturing process.

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Dimensions 135 × 283 cm