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When you work with Melamaster on your custom prints we want to have a transparent and honest relationship with you. We appreciate that there are now over 10,500 print management companies in the UK alone varying from melamine dinnerware to leaflets and offline marketing material. Finding the perfect one to work with can be a challenge in itself.

As with anything, before signing any dotted line, take the opportunity to talk to a potential print company to get an idea of what a working relationship with them will be like.

We’ve put together six vital questions to ask us to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting with Melamaster.

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What Services Do You Offer?

Is Everything Done In-House?

What Are Their Turnaround Times Like?

Are There Similar Print Projects You Can Take a Look At?

What Makes Them Different?

Will They Carry Out Bespoke Requests?

What services does Melamaster offer?

You’re hardly going to commit to a working relationship without knowing exactly what they can do for you, but it’s still vital to find out the full range of services that they can provide.
At Melamaster, we pride ourselves on strong design, working with both established and upcoming creative artists and product developers, innovating new products from its British manufacturing base.
Melamaster has grown as a leading UK homewares brand whilst growing bespoke manufacturing for many other high street names. Melamaster prides itself on the superiority of our products, friendliness of the staff and professional level of service when it comes to our Melamine products.

Services on offer at Melamaster

Is everything completed in-house?

There could be some instances where you may take a tour of the print company and be impressed and they’ve given a fantastic first impression and you can’t wait to get started.
But, further down the line, you realise the quality of the work isn’t quite up to the standard you thought it would be. This could be because they’ve outsourced your project to a smaller company to cope with their workload.

At Melamaster, we look after your from A to Z. Our technical skills are utilised in building UK based production servicing numerous bespoke customers worldwide.

In-house printing at Melamaster

What are your turnaround times like?

Print projects usually have tight deadlines and this is something we work very hard to meet each time.

We appreciate that it is up to the printers to turn your plans into the finished product. You need to work with a reliable print company who’s able to meet your deadlines and provide quick turnaround times so that your project isn’t delayed. We offer quick turnaround times and low minimum orders to ensure that our 40+ experience isn’t wasted.


Can I look at similar projects?

We’re lucky enough to be able to showcase our beautiful designs and projects online at Melamaster. However, with other print companies, you may not be so lucky. Ask to see case studies or testimonials so you have an idea of the work they’ve carried out in the past.

Project management at Melamaster

What makes Melamaster different?

You’re looking for a creative and professional company to work with, so you should ask them what makes them special. Why are they the right choice and printing company to work with?

Melamaster is built on experience and that can be seen in our high-end quality bespoke products. Prior to the late ’70s, Melamaster produced a range of technical products for a number of industries, domestic appliance and automotive being just two. In the late 70’s the opportunity arose to become involved in developing and marketing ranges of decorative giftware and tableware.

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Will you carry out bespoke requests?

One of the most important questions to ask printing companies is how they’ll deal with any bespoke jobs you have for them. We are orientated around bespoke printing and that is something we live and breathe. If you’re looking for some new promotional products, fundraising or need something new for a work event, we have everything you need to print whatever you want. We can help, the possibilities are endless.

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Meet the Melamaster Team and Ask Away

We’re on hand to answer these questions and any others you might have. To get to know us a little better, give us a call and speak with one of the team to get the ball rolling.

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